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David Kafton, Ph.D.

        DAVID KAFTON, Ph.D.

         Dedication • Experience • Knowledge • Trust 

        Agent for both Buyers & Sellers
      32 years experience

           Specialist in East Bay and San Francisco properties

          100s of Purchases & Sales

     Whether you are buying or selling your home or investment property, providing or obtainingfinancing, or need expert advice, you want a dedicated advocate who is experienced, knowledgeable, and trustworthy.

     David is dedicated to helping people who place their trust in him. He values providing them with excellent, reliable services acquired through 32 years of experience.

     David started his real estate career with Mason-McDuffie Real Estate in 1985 and in 1997 started Kafton Real Estate with his wife, Toni. They have a son, Chris, who is a local television news reporter.

     David has develped a team of experts -- contractors, accountants, attorneys, plumbers, electricians, public relations people, interior designers, & other experts -- who help make it certain you purchase the homes & investments you want, without overspending, and receive the highest returns after you sell them.

     David enjoys working in the gorgeous San Francisco Bay Area and never gets tired exploring its beautiful homes and myriad neighborhoods; interacting with its diverse, interesting people; sampling foods from an endless number of eateries; and choosing from a broad range of cultural and outdoor activities.

     David believes in giving back to our community and supports organizations that make a difference. He has volunteered for many years in organizations dedicated to assisting homeless people.

     He is a transplanted New Yorker with a doctorate in genetics from UC, Berkeley. David has taught at all levels. He also started and directed a non-profit research and education organization dedicated to conserving the genetic diversity animals, plants, & microbes.

     In addition to real estate, David's favorite interests include science, the environment, education, history, and current affairs. He enjoys art, music, and the outdoors.