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Options for Real Estate Investors

Financing only

  • Become a lender and earn a solid return as a mortgage holder secured by real estate
  • We will provide you with excellent investment opportunities.

Joint Ventures

  • Partner with Kafton Real Estate in making real estate investments
  • Our team does everything -- plans, purchases, manages, and adds value to our investments before leasing or selling them. We increase value by making cost-effective repairs and improvements as well as add square footage and additional units.

Sole Ventures

There are several ways you can increase the value of your real estate investments.

  • Purchase and improve your property. Then sell it and keep the proceeds.
  • Purchase, improve, and hold your property. Then use its equity to purchase another one(s).
  • Purchase, improve, & hold your property. Then sell it & purchase another one(s) using a 1031 tax deferred exchange. This method will help you defer capital gains taxes, increase the amount of your depreciation, and over time, increase your appreciation.
  • Purchase, improve, & hold your property, indefinitely.